I am Scott Heaney. In my 40s, working as an Agile Project Management specialist in software development. Obsessed about martial arts in my youth, and trying to rediscover myself and martial arts now, later in life. Martial arts is becoming a vehicle on the path of mindfulness. I study Kyokushin in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The dojo is Contact Kicks and my teacher is Sensei Steve Fogarasi, 4th Dan.

This blog is not only a journal of my experiences, but I also hope that it can inspire others on their own journey. It is never to late and we can overcome any obstacles in our lives. I feel blessed and honoured to belong to a dojo under the supervision of an extremely gifted martial artist and teacher who encompasses, Budo, or “The Martial Way”. Every lesson is helping me on my journey, not only in karate, but in life as well. OSU!