IFK Syllabus

Hanshi Steve Arneil, the founder and President of the International Federation of Karate (IFK), learned directly from Masutatsu Oyama and was a senior instructor in Mas Oyama’s International Karate Organization (IKO) until 1991, when he resigned from the IKO. He became the first person to complete the100-man kumite after Mas Oyama himself.

Hanshi Arneil recognized the issue with remembering all the requirements for each rank. One of Hanshi Arneil’s goals for the IFK was consistency, so that every Kyokushin karateka in any country, at any dojo would perform the techniques and katas the same. Hanshi Arneil developed a systematic grading syllabus for the IFK and published a book on Kyokushin kata. With each grade, you are exposed to more techniques, and kata obviously, with increasing complexity.


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