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Hanshi Steve Arneil, the founder and President of the International Federation of Karate (IFK), learned directly from Masutatsu Oyama and was a senior instructor in Mas Oyama’s International Karate Organization (IKO) until 1991, when he resigned from the IKO. He became the first person to complete the100-man kumite after Mas Oyama himself.

Hanshi Arneil recognized the issue with remembering all the requirements for each rank. One of Hanshi Arneil’s goals for the IFK was consistency, so that every Kyokushin karateka in any country, at any dojo would perform the techniques and katas the same. Hanshi Arneil developed a systematic grading syllabus for the IFK and published a book on Kyokushin kata. With each grade, you are exposed to more techniques, and kata obviously, with increasing complexity.


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  1. Damian

    Hi guys! Great website you have here, the info is really helpfull.
    Now…my question might be off topic but I did not know exactly where to turn with this.

    I recently started practicing kyokushin at home. I follow the Kyokushinkai Honbu dojo syllabus.
    I have the info, technique, dojo etiquette, 10 rules of kyokushin, kihon,kata,etc.
    BUT…my problem is I do not know the order of the moves to be practiced.
    For example: first a strike . It is practiced static first, not moving in order to get the feel of the body, then in movement(sanchin dachi step or/and zenkutsu and step). Then a block ( I know it is improperly said ”ukeru” means to receive, ”uke” means a receiving,anyway…) Same principle as with the strike, not moving then moving, and I thing combo practice follows , as in uchi uke then gyaku tzuki, but from here on I’m shooting in the dark. Plus I did not find any combo drills, sanbon kumite drills, ippon kumite drills. (specific for mukyu level,white belt)

    It is like I have the parts of a car (all of them) but no schematics or user manual to put it toghether.
    I did research the web A LOT and nothing came up.

    If you could direct me to a web site or …I do not know where to get the info.
    It is really fustrating, I love martial arts but I feel like being in a maze. There needs to be order in my mind.

    Any help or guiding would be much apreciated.

    p.s. : I apologize for any spelling errors. I am a romanian guy seattled in Ireland.

    1. HumbleMan

      You should join a dojo if you can find one, videos/ books are meant to supplement your training not be the training by itself, you’d have no one to correct your errors apart from what you think the person in the video is doing, your technique will be inconsistent and you’ll get very good at bad technique.

      If you can’t find a Kyokushin dojo near you try enrolling in a Kyokushin offshoot or other hard styles of karate with some form of contact sparring, that is if you’re inclined towards karate in general.

      I’ll mail this to you as well.

      Good luck,

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