Interviews & Documentaries

Collection of Documentaries &Interviews with the focus on Kyokushin, but includes other Karate styles.

Orlando Roach - Kyokushin KarateKyokushin Karate Expert Orlando Roach is one of Europe’s foremost practitioners and is the UK director for Kyokushin Karate – IKO

White Crane Kung-fu the roots of Kyokushin KarateHosted by hosted by Stephen Au Kam-tong, a black belt in full-contact Karate, this documentary looks at the roots of Karate.

Nicholas Pettas, looks at the history of Karate including Kyokushin

Hammer Time – Sam Greco

THE PURSUIT – Living Kyokushinkai from Ron Michael K. Robang on Vimeo.

Tony Rodriguez is a 4th Dan blackbelt and owner of The Hagatna Dojo. His passion and work as a sensei have been a great contribution to the growing kyokushin karate in the island of Guam. We spent some time with him in the beginning of this year to capture this little film as part of a mini documentary series called The Pursuit.

The Spirit of Okinawan Karate

This program follows two people, an Englishman and an Italian, about their experiences and how they struggled with themselves over one summer.

Short Documentary on Enshin Karate and Joko Ninomiya the Founder of Enshin Karate

Hosted by Nicholas Pettas, Judo Documentary focusing on Tradition and Modern

Interview with Saiko Shihan Kazuyuki Hasegawa, 9th Dan. Talks about his life in Kyokushin – English Subtitles

The Prince of Karate – Mini doc on Kancho Joko Ninomiya. Founder of Enshin Karate

Hajime Kazumi tribute

Open Weight World Champion, Kenji Midori

Masutatsu Oyama the legend of Kyokushinkai, with English Subtitles

Kyokushin Karate Artist, Kenji Yamaki Part 1

Kyokushin Karate Artist, Kenji Yamaki Part 2

A Conversation with Hanshi Steve Arneil

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