Kyokushin Karate Kata Sanchin

三戦の型  Sanchin no Kata

Sanchin literally means “three battles” or “three conflicts”, from the charactersSan (three) and Chin (war, battle or match).  It is the principal kata in certain Okinawan karate styles, such as Goju Ryu and Uechi Ryu, and it is likely one of the oldest kata.  Certain legends attribute the creation of Sanchin to Bodhidharma in the early sixth century.  Sanchin kata seeks to develop three elements at the same time:
– The mind, body and the techniques,
– The internal organs, circulation and the nervous system, and
– The three Ki , located in:
– the crown of the head (Nōten 脳天),
– the diaphragm (Hara ), and
– the lower abdomen (Tanden 丹田).

Sanchin is an isometric kata where each move is performed in a state of complete tension, accompanied by powerful, deep breathing (Ibuki 息吹) that originates in the lower abdomen (Tanden 丹田).  The practice of Sanchin not only leads to the strengthening of the body, but to the development of the inner power (Ki ) and the coordination of mind and body.

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