Takedowns for Kyokushin & Pinan Godan Applications

Karate Culture is a group on a mission to return Karate to its roots through the use of Kata as self-defense. This video looks at takedowns which are easily transferrable for a kyokushin practitioner, which come from the ending movement in Pinan Godan.

Check out their website: www.karateculture.com

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  1. Terry

    Clearly well versed on karate, but know nothing about kyokushin!……..completly contradicting info. Talk about how kyokushin doesn’t allow any face punching, grabbing bla bla bla (which is only for tournament competion)…….and then show take downs specific for ‘kyokushin style fighting’ that would get you penalised in a tournament……and lets keep something in mind, these guys are showing you things you can ‘incorporate’……these things are already there!!! And if your not being taught them look for a new kyokushin instuctor!!

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