This is a list of Instructional Kyokushin Karate BUNKAI videos I have compiled. If you have anything you would like to contribute please contact me and I will add them. I wanted one repository so people do not have to search. I will be adding to this page constantly, so check back often.

Bunkai (分解), literally meaning “analysis” or “disassembly”, is a term used in Japanese martial arts referring to process of analysing kata and extracting fighting techniques from the movements of a “form” (kata). The extracted fighting techniques are called Oyo.


Bunkai demonstrations of Pinan Katas

Bunkai demonstration of Gekisai Dai

Takedowns for KyokushinTakedowns for Kyokushin & Pinan Godan Applications

Kata Kanku Dai BunkaiKata Kanku Dai Bunkai

Kyokushin Gekisai Sho Kata and BunkaiKyokushin Gekisai Sho Kata and Bunkai, with Shihan Hiroto Okazaki

Sushiho Kata with Bunkai with Shihan Hiroto OkazakiKyokushin Sushiho Kata and Bunkai, with Shihan Hiroto Okazaki

Seienchin Kata and BunkaiSeienchin Kata and Bunkai

Bunkai demonstration from the Bubishi- The Classic Manual of Combat with Patrick McCarthyBunkai demonstration from the Bubishi: The Classic Manual of Combat with Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

Kata Sepai Bunkai with Sakumoto TsuguoSepai Kata Bunkai, with Sakumoto Tsuguo

Kyokushin Saifa Kata Bunkai, with Shihan Hiroto OkazakiKyokushin Saifa Kata Bunkai, with Shihan Hiroto Okazaki

Shihan Hiroto Okazaki demonstrates application of the kata’s techniquesShihan Hiroto Okazaki demonstrates application of the kata’s techniques

Pinan kata and BunkaiKyokushin Pinan Kata and Bunkai

Pinan Nidan Creative BunkaiPinan Nidan Creative Bunkai

Kanku-Dai Throw and Joint-Attack with Sensei Iain AbernethyKanku-Dai Throw and Joint-Attack, with Sensei Iain Abernethy

Kanku-Dai End Throw with Sensei Iain AbernethyKanku-Dai End Throw, with Sensei Iain Abernethy

Gekisai Sho and others with Shihan Hiroto OkazakiKyokushin Bunkai Gekisai Sho and others, with Shihan Hiroto Okazaki

Pinan Sono Yon with Shihan Hiroto OkazakiKyokushin Bunkai for Pinan Sono Yon, with Shihan Hiroto Okazaki

Pinan Godan with Sensei Iain AbernethyPractical Kata Bunkai – Pinan Godan, with Sensei Iain Abernethy

Hiroto Okazak - Garyu KataKyokushin Garyu Kata step-by-step instruction with Shihan Hiroto Okazak

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  1. hydarally

    ***** Osu! no word to describe the help you have gave us for practicing ……………, Thank you very much from all of us, we really love it , we promise you to work very hard and we will practice everyday to give the best of the best to learn all the kata and rethank for all. Osu!
    we are from Mauritius at City of Port-Louis our Sempai name is Nageeb , I have a site on facebook and some picture too, If you want pls take a look on Hydar Dooky. Osu!

    1. Post
  2. Bob W.

    Have not practiced for years but great to see and refresh memory of Kyokushinkai katas My sensei in Vancouver in the 70s was Ron Sittrop, a great Kyokushin sensei who taught so many to be more confident and improve their lives.
    Hope you continue to build your site.
    Bob W

    1. Post

      Hi Bob, are you practicing again now? It’s never too late! Thank you so much for visiting my site and reading. I hope you return often and please share 🙂 OSU!

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