Gekisai Dai

Kyokushin Karate Kata Gekisai Dai

撃塞大  Gekisai Dai        撃塞小  Gekisai Sho

Gekisai means conquer and occupy.  The name is derived from the characters Geki , meaning defeat or conquer, and Sai , meaning fortress or stronghold (literally translated as “closed”, “shut” or “covered”).  The word Gekisai can also mean demolish, destroy or pulverize.  The katas teach strength through fluidity of motion, mobility and the utilization of various techniques.  Flexibility of attack and response will always be superior to rigid and inflexible strength.  (Dai andShō mean “larger” and “smaller”, respectively.)



Kyokushin Gekisai Dai Bunkai and Kata, with Shihan Hiroto Okazaki, Kyokushin-kan:

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