Budō and Kyokushin

Budō (武道) is a Japanese term describing modern Japanese martial arts. Literally translated it means the “Martial Way“. Budō is a compound of the root bu (武), meaning “war” or “martial”; and dō (道) – Dao in Chinese – sometimes spelled tao), meaning “path” or “way”.

Mas Oyama in America

by Graham NobleCopyright © Graham Noble. All rights reserved.1. Mas Togo In April 1952 Mas Oyama and Kokichi Endo flew in to Chicago to begin a tour of the American pro-wrestling circuit, and this is really the start of Oyama’s legend as an undefeated fighter who travelled the world facing numerous challengers to test the power of his karate.

Why we have been pronouncing “Peking” Duck wrong forever!

I received a lot of feedback on the article “In Karate, is it Senpai or Sempai?” addressing the spelling and pronunciation of Senpai, and other Japanese words with the sound of “M”, such as Honbu. Some of the feedback was in regards to something similar in Chinese martial arts and common words. For example you probably find the various spellings of …

In Karate, is it Senpai or Sempai?

In written English you might have noticed with “せんぱい” the Japanese hiragana character “ん” sometimes  gets written as “n,”  like in “senpai,” while other times it is written as “m,” like in “sempai.”    Which is right?!

黒澤浩樹 – Hiroki Kurosawa: A Samurai Has Left

Achievements 6th World Tournament 1995 (IKO-1) — 6th (Lost to Yamaki) 5th World Tournament 1991 — 3rd (Lost to Midori) 4th World Tournament 1987 — 6th (Lost to Thompson – inj.) 25th All Japan Tournament 1993 — 6th 17th All Japan Tournament 1985 — 2nd 16th All Japan Tournament 1984 — 1st 10th All Japan Weight Tournament 1993 — 3rd …

Strength and Conditioning for Martial Arts Training

Article written and original posted by Brandon at Enhanced Warrior If you go around running your mouth that you’re a fighter or a martial artist, you better be able to back up your words with some form of athleticism. You may do well in class with your ki belly doing kata but as soon as you are required to do …