Is Kyokushin Karate still “Kyokushin” without Kata?

This is a question I pose, and I do not propose to have the answer. When Sosai Mas Oyama created Kyokushin, he created it to be the ultimate martial art at its time, combining the base he had in Judo, Shotokan, Goju-ryu and Taikiken.

41st British Open and 9th Cup of Europe

This iconic event is one of the most long standing knockdown tournaments in the world. Streamed live from 10am on Saturday 23rd September The 41st British Open and 9th Cup of Europe will be held on September 23th, in K2 Centre in Crawley, England. Live streaming proudly sponsored by Educational Funding Company and MMA Mats. Filming and live streaming provided by …

Immovable Wisdom

This teaching is taken from “Immovable Wisdom” written by Takuan Sōhō, the Japanese Zen Buddhist Master. Takuan Sōhō (1573-1645) was a master of calligraphy, painting, gardening, martial arts, and the teacher of the Shogun Iemitsu, Yagyu Tajima-no-Kami (founder of Japan’s greatest swordsmanship school) and teacher to Miyamoto Musashi (author of The Book of Five Rings).

History of Taikiken in Kyokushin Pt. 2

In the original article I attempted to introduce the origins of Taikiken in Kyokushin. For this part, I am posting an excerpt from the book, “The Essence of Kung-fu Taiki-KEN”, by the founder, Kenichi Sawai. Kenichi Sawai was a long time friend and teacher of Mas Oyama, and introduced Sosai to Taikiken. In this excerpt he talk about his introduction into …

Why Kyokushin Fighters Do Not Punch to the Face

Almost anytime I post a video of a Kyokushin bout there is one or more people who either make a comment about how it isn’t “realistic” because they don’t punch to the face, or, they ask the question of why they don’t. I decided to do some research and create a post that I could just share anytime those comments …

Memorial Service in Memory of Sosai Mas Oyama

Sunday, April 23rd 2017,  Sosai Mas Oyama’s family spent the day at the old Honbu Dojo, built by Sosai (now – the headquarters of the International Kyokushin Organization – Oyama family), for the ceremony commemoration of the memory of the founder of Kyokushin.