41st British Open and 9th Cup of Europe

This iconic event is one of the most long standing knockdown tournaments in the world.

Streamed live from 10am on Saturday 23rd September

The 41st British Open and 9th Cup of Europe will be held on September 23th, in K2 Centre in Crawley, England. Live streaming proudly sponsored by Educational Funding Company and MMA Mats. Filming and live streaming provided by MAaction.com


British Open 2017 – Open categories: RESULTS

Womens -60kg
1. Emma Markwell – BKK Westcroft
2. Anna Efremova – IFK Russia (Kirov)
3. Teona Gazdeliani – Rengokai Spain (Satori)
3. Hayley Rowlands – BKK Cardiff

Womens +60kg
1. Chelsea Kerklaan – IFK Netherlands (Nintai)
2. Gabija Gudeliauskaite – WKO Shinkyokushin Lithuania (Rifas)
3. Aneta Meskauskiene – IFK Ireland
3. Agata Winiarska – WKO Poland (Lamot)

Mens -70kg
1. Daniel Redondo – Rengokai Spain (Satori)
2. Anton Adushkevich – IFK Russia (Novy Urengoy)
3. Vilius Lipnickas – WKO Shinkyokushin Lithuania (Shodan)
3. Alexander Tomilov – IFK Russia (Novy Urengoy)

Mens -80kg
1. Vytautas Cepla – WKO Shinkyokushin Lithuania (Saules Zenklas)
2. Gabor Rozsa – WKO Shinkyokushin Hungary
3. Claibourne Henry – IFK USA (Westchester)
3. Zsolt Zsiga – IBK Gordeau Hungary

Mens +80kg
1. Aleksander Karshigeev – IFK Russia (Novy Urengoy)
2. Jean-Paul Jacquot – France Independant
3. Roel Noordman – IFK Netherlands (Nintai)
3. Edgard Secinski – WKO Shinkyokushin Lithuania (Saules Zenklas)

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