Kyokushin Karate and Shodō

A parallel in training philosophies… Monday’s traditionally focus more on Kihon at Contact Kicks Dojo. Under the watchful eye of Sensei Steve Fogarasi, the class runs through drills. Lined up by kyu rank, everyone is attentively listening to the next command, with the resounding reply of OSU! From the class.

In Karate, is it Senpai or Sempai?

In written English you might have noticed with “せんぱい” the Japanese hiragana character “ん” sometimes  gets written as “n,”  like in “senpai,” while other times it is written as “m,” like in “sempai.”    Which is right?!

Strength and Conditioning for Martial Arts Training

Article written and original posted by Brandon at Enhanced Warrior If you go around running your mouth that you’re a fighter or a martial artist, you better be able to back up your words with some form of athleticism. You may do well in class with your ki belly doing kata but as soon as you are required to do …

Kyokushin Karate – Start Your Journey Today

This is the slogan of Contact Kicks Martial Arts. The dojo I belong to under Sensei Steve Fogarasi. For many, those words are read as a marketing slogan. However, there really is a deeper meaning.

In Kyokushin Karate, True Victory is Victory Over The Self

Last Monday was an amazing evening of training at Contact Kicks. I was exhausted after a long intense day at work, and honestly didn’t think I had the energy to train. However, once the class begun, the energy of the dojo and the energy coming from Sensei Steve Fogarasi and the Sempai invigorated me, and everyone else around me.