Climbing the Mountain

In the last post I wrote about the challenges of legalizing full-contact Karate in Ontario, and about our young fighters who traveled to Quebec to compete in the 2014 Budo Giant Challenge. The fighters have returned, with trophies and an amazing experience. For two of them it was their first experience and we were all very proud of all three of them and their achievements. OSU!

The fighters return from Quebec

The fighters return from Quebec

Since then there has a been breaking news in Ontario. It looks like Ontario is proposing to legalize amateur MMA. This is huge for full-contact karate and Kyokushin, as karate would be designated under this ruling. Under the ministry’s proposal all amateur contests in the sports listed, including karate, would be exempt from Section 83 of the Criminal Code.

2014 Budo Giant Challenge

2014 Budo Giant Challenge

There might be a time in the not too distant future where we will be hosting Kyokushin tournaments in Ontario.

The trip to Quebec was great, but not without it personal struggles for me, which I won’t go into. However, as you know I have recently gone through a separation, where my wife of only one year left me. It has left me rebuilding and restarting. I have no regrets, as I learnt so much about myself over our three years together. The growth was amazing and it wouldn’t have happened without the challenges I endured.

Which leads me to this past week’s Kyokushin class under my instructor and mentor, Sensei Steve Fogarasi. One of the fighter’s was not satisfied with his third place finish, but Sensei reminded him how well he has done. That he is at the bottom of the mountain, his first tournament, and he came in third. The journey up the mountain is long, and he hasn’t reached a base camp yet, so he should be proud of his achievement, learn from his experience, and continue the path climbing and learning.Sosai-Mas-Oyama

I loved this analogy, as I could apply it to my own struggles. While I am not at the base of the mountain in my life, being 44, I have not reached the summit. Each of the challenges in my life, like the current one, is just a small stumble at base camp, which I learn from, grow from, become stronger from, and continue on a better man. It is very important that I don’t free-fall down, but dig my axe in and move onward.

After taking a week off it was great to return to the dojo and my extended family. Being there gives me strength, amplifies my spirit and reminds me of what is important in life. To grow, learn and never stop becoming a better person.

We are moving into late autumn and winter is coming, but it is a very different one for me then it was last year. I am surrounded by great friends, many of whom are new from the dojo, and a renewed strength and confidence in myself because of my training and learning under a great instructor and philosopher, Sensei Steve Fogarasi. I owe so much to Kyokushin, that the only way I can repay is bettering myself and supporting the growth of this great martial art in Ontario, Canada, and the world.  OSU!

Norihiro Yoshida vs. Jose Luis Olmeño Faundez of Chile

Jhonattan winning his 2nd fight under 30 seconds with KO – right body uppercut

Larissa’s second fight at the 2014 Budo Giant Challenge

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