Fall Down Seven Times, Stand Up Eight

The weather has been cold here in Toronto. Last night before class it was -17°C (1.4°F), but there was still a great turn-out of committed students. Second class after Christmas break at Contact Kicks in Toronto, and I am feeling it today.

Contact Kicks Dojo

Contact Kicks Dojo

The theme of the class was basic combinations and conditioning, with the reminder that Friday’s upcoming class is 2015 Kicks. 2015 kicks to ring in the New Year! So, we were reminded of that before going too intense. However, after an hour of drills, Sensei Fogarasi decided that we should spar, considering we won’t be on Friday. This is where I really felt the time away from training. My battle has always been cardio. Or lack thereof. After a few rounds I was breathing very heavy and struggling. But I didn’t give up and I continued on.

At the end of class Sensei Fogarasi drew the parallels between Kyokushin and life outside of the dojo. He spoke about the attitude and spirit of Kyokushin. Never give up, and never show your pain. That it isn’t about not falling down. It’s about rising every time we do fall. Not to be afraid of failing, be afraid of not trying. And he was right. This isn’t just inside the dojo. Kyokushin creates an indomitable spirit within you, that will serve you well in every facet of your life. From work, to personal life as well as training.

When sparring, you might receive some hard strikes, but the goal is to try to not show it to your opponent or those around. This is a lesson which is also extremely useful outside of the dojo.fall seven rise eight

These past months I have gone through a lot. Divorce, job loss, etc., but as I keep saying, I am able to not only preserver, but rise above it, in no small thanks to Kyokushin and the lessons under Fogarasi Sensei. He has taught us that nothing is going to hit as hard as life and it’s about how hard you get hit, and continue to move forward. Pain will always be temporary but quitting will last forever. Never be afraid of failing. Dig deep down and make a choice of who you want to be. Through everything I am remaining positive, focused and motivated.



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