Onore igai wa mina shinari – “Besides yourself, everything else is a teacher” – Musashi

Last night’s class was an awesome learning experience! The class was very structured, disciplined, and intense. I loved it. We went over so much kihon, driving all the basics of martial technique over and over. I really enjoyed this.

I noticed I am feeling less rigid. I am getting more comfortable, less tight. For the last portion of the class we were working on drills. One of the senpai had myself and some other lower belts work on a hand combination ending with a mawashi geri. Senpai spent time with me. He mentioned that while I had good form, it was lacking power. With a couple of adjustments to hip rotation and follow-through my power increased significantly.

I am reading a book by Kancho Joko Ninomiya, called My Journey Into Karate.  It’s having a great impact on my focus for class. I am there to work and get the most I can get out of every situation. There is something to learn from everyone. From white belts to dan black belts… I am learning from everyone and taking in as much information as I can. I want to focus great attention on the basics, to nail them, as I believe it will help me excel in the other areas.

I do wish I was younger and had more time to devote, but I am not and I don’t. That’s reality. I am in this for me, to increase my spirit and my being. I am at the bottom of a very large mountain, and I will enjoy the view from every level. No matter how far I scale, I can say I gave it my all on the journey.


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