The Art of War

Every time I leave a class with Fogarasi Sensei I know my cup is filling up. He imparts so much wisdom with his physical instruction. I heard him refereed to as a “Karate wizard” and real martial artist. Today was no different. I have been taking private classes, on top of my regular three days a week, for additional one-on-one, to help with my fighting. I feel like I am progressing well in kihon, kata, syllabus, etc., but lets face it, though those parts are probably my favourite aspect of karate, the reason I chose Kyokushin was to get over my fear of fighting and have contact. So, to help with that, I began private classes focusing on this aspect. Sensei offers additional private instruction to anyone for any aspect of his or her program.

This blog has become my journal, and I really want to keep it up, but I couldn’t even begin to tell everything I learn in class, or the lessons and philosophies that Fogarasi Sensei conveys. Nor would I want to, as it must be experienced. These are just samplings, and I humbly say, that if you are ever in the area, drop in for a class, as you won’t be disappointed. Fogarasi Sensei embodies The Martial Way. Osu!

Today’s private was like most classes. Grueling, tiring and enlightening. Dissecting my technique and movement, working all areas of my game. The small details of proper elbow position, to the focus and intent of a strike. Shadow boxing, jump rope, pad work, foot work. You get the idea. And with each of these some wisdom that can be applied, not only on the mat, but in life as well.

This is the most important thing I am learning from Kyokushin and Fogarasi Sensei. I came to Kyokushin to overcome fears of combat, which is working, but more importantly I am learning skills which I am applying in my every day life. I am changing, and people have been noticing.

suntzuAs part of today’s instruction, Sensei made referenced to The Art of War ( 孙子兵法), written during the 6th century BCE by Sun Tzu ( also rendered Sun Zi). I haven’t read it yet, but he recommended that I do. It deals directly with military warfare but contains ideas that are used in the martial arts. Holdings keys to victory in war, and life. Being prepared for the unknown, both on the mat and in everyday life.

Sensei was talking about just this, with one particular focus on awareness. You can be a killer on the mat, with great fighting ability, but if that is your only focus, well… that is a sport. But Kyokushin is a martial art as well. All the things we learn, from breath control to being heightened to your surroundings are not only applicable to the dojo, but should be a part of your daily habit. Training does not end when you leave the dojo. Training does not end when go to work. Training does not end at night. Training the martial way should be a part of your daily existence and life.



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