Mortar of Training

Machu_PicchuI haven’t posted in about a week. One class was cancelled due to a snow storm, and honestly, I haven’t been sure how to approach this blog now. My training is becoming a very personal journey. It it bringing things up in me, some of which are emotional. On top of that, I feel honored to have such a gifted and talented Sensei. There are some who have the talents, but there are few who are great teachers. I feel like my words do not do just justice to the experience. So, the most I can do is write from my experience.

It’s been a short time for me in Kyokushin and training at the dojo, but I find myself changing. Physically and mentally. I smoked before starting Kyokushin, and I quit my second week and haven’t looked back. Obviously that helped. On top of that, the conditioning from class is improving my cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

From a mental perspective I am learning to calm my spirit and thoughts, but I am seeing that this is the biggest challenge currently, and will be a long road. I need to learn to focus.

I had a private session today with Sensei and he used a great analogy. To view myself and my training as to building a structure of rock amachu-picchu-royal-palacend stone. It can be strong, but without the mortar it will crumble. I have to learn to slow down and concentrate on the finer points. The basics. The correct form. Not to race to the finish. As, those fine points are the mortar of my training.


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