I think I’ve received a dose of humility. I am a polymath, which basically means I am someone whose interests spans a significant number of different subject areas. While that might sound good, it can be really frustrating to me and those around me. I get interested in a subject a dive into it, but I can also burn out on it. The other negative part is how it’s perceived by others.

If for any reason my writing is coming across like I already know things, it isn’t my attention at all. This is a difficult journey for me at my age and physical level, and I guess all I wanted to do was to inspire others who might be thinking of doing something similar. Many of us see something like Kyokushin and think about how awesome it appears, but think we could never do that. You have to start it as a kid or young adult. I wanted to proove that wasn’t the case. I am approaching my mid 40s and want to show people that if I could do it, anyone who puts their mind to it can.

As I stated in this post, I received a dose of humility. Last night I went to class not in the best frame of mind. Tired from the week, etc. Without getting into the details, I injured my leg from a mawashi geri on top of an already injured spot. On top of that, and more frustrating, is that I get winded and gassed. My teacher and my wife reminded me that I have been only doing this less than two months.

All of this was going through my head last night, and besides that I was beginning to be concerned how my blog was being perceived. I have nothing but the outmost respect for my dojo, my teacher, my fellow students and for kyokushinkai. To everyone I say thank you. I humble myself to those have walked the path before me. The path I now see, is a long lesson in humility.


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